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Drucker Centrifuge #614B Fixed-Angle, Single Speed

Drucker Centrifuge #614B Fixed-Angle, Single Speed


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Drucker Model #614 B 6-Place Fixed-Angle Centrifuge Single Speed Specifications:

  • Rotor:                  Fixed Angle
  • Speed:                 3,150 RPM
  • Force:                  1,200 xg
  • Capacity:              6 Place
  • Test Tube Sizes:   up to 17mm x 125mm

Operating Features:

  • 30 Minute Timer: Mechanical timer
  • Brushless Motor: For smooth and quiet operation with no routine maintenance
  • Quiet Operation with Low Vibration: Double encased motor is quiet and reduces out-of-balance vibration
  • Cool Running: Unique design of the motor housing and rotation chamber allows for cool operation even under the heaviest workloads
  • Versatile: Rotor and tube holder options allow for the spinning of test tubes up to 125mm in length

Safety Features:

  • Lid Safety Switch: Centrifuge will not run with lid open: lid cannot be opened while samples are spinning
  • Positive Lid Latching: Firm mechanical latching of the lid prevents the escape of glass or debris if there is a breakage or an accident
  • All Steel Construction: For strength and durability
  • Clear Lid: Offers safe sample observation and optical speed calibration

Additional information

Weight 9.900 lbs
Dimensions 13.860 × 11.340 × 9 in