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Service Made Simple.

From routine maintenance and calibrations to safety inspections and intensive refurbishments and repairs, Minnesota Medical is a confident, capable, cost-effective and customer-centric service provider. Through our decades of experience with vast amounts of biomedical, clinical, analytical, research, sterilization and sample storage equipment, our team members are able to find the right solution for you at the best value.

Same Day Service

When your equipment breaks down, don’t hit the panic button. Our certified technicians can quickly diagnose most problems over the phone and be to your location in a flash to get you back up and running ASAP. Call 763-542-8725 for service today!

Preventive Maintenance

Better yet, avoid costly and time consuming breakdowns in the first place. A preventative maintenance contract from MN MED helps keep your equipment in top form, increasing its life expectancy and boosting your bottom line. We offer a range of plans sure to suit your needs and budget. Call us today at 763-542-8725, or email for a quote.

Depot Repair

When time is on your side, drop off your equipment at our repair facility and save money. With in-house certified repair technicians and in-stock factory parts for common makes and models, MNMED can fix it quickly and efficiently. Call 763-542-8725 to schedule a drop off today!

Calibration and Inspection

When your equipment is out of calibration, you may not be able deliver the most accurate, effective treatment. High tech equipment needs high tech calibration. MN MED technicians will help your equipment perform according to original factory specifications, week after week, day after day. Call 763-542-8725, or email with your calibration and inspection questions today!

Electrical Safety Inspection

Patient and staff safety is your top priority. Everyday wear and tear may cause broken ground wires inside power cords or excessive electrical current leakage that compromises the safety of your patients and staff. Troubleshoot safety hazards with a electrical safety inspection from MN MED’s certified technicians.


When you’re looking to upgrade or expand your equipment, our expert sales team is there to help you find the equipment that meets your specific needs and goals. Backed by an extensive inventory of new and reconditioned equipment from industry-leading manufacturers, MN MED will help you identify and procure the most cost effective solution.