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Electrical Safety Inspection

Through everyday use, broken ground wires inside power cords and excessive leakage current can compromise the safety of your patients and staff. Approximately 10,000 patient/device injuries happen each year. Injuries range from simple shock, to burns or even cardiac or respiratory arrest.

Some critical points on Electrical Safety:

  • Only use equipment tested and dated for proper electrical safety.
  • Higher use and portable equipment should be considered for bi-annual inspection.
  • Check for proper grounding after relocation of equipment.
  • Report frayed or dry-rotted cords and plugs.
  • Report loose electrical covers.
  • Never use equipment tagged for repair, before technician releases it for use and applies a current inspection sticker.
  • Discontinue use and tag equipment that shocks, sparks, or smokes.

Dangers of Electricity – Physiological Effects of Electric Shock

Current Effect
.001 Amere (1 Milliampere) “Tingling,” threshold of perception
.020 Amps (20 Ma) Muscle spasms, hard to release grip
.0505 Amps (50 Ma) Pain, possible fainting, transient interruption of respiration
.100 Amps (100 Ma) Ventricular fibrillation
> 5 Amps Sustained myocardial contraction, possible burns, temporary respiratory paralysis

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