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Mettler ME540LC Laser Sys*Stim 540 with both applicators

Mettler ME540LC Laser Sys*Stim 540 with both applicators


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The Mettler Electronics Laser Sys*Stim 540 comes with a 785 nm laser
probe with visible blue LEDs that illuminate the treatment field. Also
included is the SLD/LED cluster probe with 950 nm SLDs and 660 nm LEDs.
The Laser Sys*Stim 540 allows the clinician to set treatment time,
continuous/pulse modulation modes and laser output energy. All treatment
parameters are displayed on the LED displays and controlled via the
membrane keypad. There are holders integrated into the unit to store
applicators when not in use. Laser output can also be adjusted via
controls on both laser and cluster applicators. Mettler Sys*Stim 540
comes standard with a battery for truly mobile laser therapy and has the
ability to store up to 10 custom protocols of your choice.


  • Weight: 5.5 pounds, (2.5 kg)
  • Dimensions: 4.7 in (H) x 9.4 in (D) x 9.4 in (W), (12 cm (H) x 24 cm (D) (24 cm (W)).
  • Warranty: 2 years on unit, 1 year on applicators and cables.


  • 5403 One pair of protective Uvex glasses
  • 5405 One set of 2 replacement keys

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Additional information

Weight 4.950 lbs
Dimensions 2.970 × 5.670 × 8 in