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Refurbished Fisher Scientific ISOTEMP 105

Refurbished Fisher Scientific ISOTEMP 105



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SN: 1598061003674


Economical, general-purpose water baths are ideal for industrial, clinical, pharmaceutical, and biomedical procedures.


Precise temperature control up to 100°C (212°F)

Easy-to-use controls on front panel for full access and safe operation

  • Hinged see-through acrylic gable covers have unique fins that keep hands away from hot vapors; stay open at 90° position or lift off to accommodate large glassware
  • Corrosion-resistant exterior with acrylic enamel finish; temperature-resistant plastic rim fits snugly to insulate and prevent leaks
  • Outside of the bath stays cool to the touch even after hours of operation
  • Low-profile design makes access convenient
  • Deep-drawn stainless-steel reservoirs are seamless to prevent leaks; rounded corners make cleaning easy

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