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Whitehall Sports Whirlpool Large Stationary with Legs S-90-SL

Whitehall Sports Whirlpool Large Stationary with Legs S-90-SL


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Whitehall Products #S-90-SL.

Whitehall S-90-SL Stationary Whirlpool with Legs is recommended for treatment and prevention of sports injuries a allowing coverage of the extremities, hips and back area. Professional, college and high school athletic trainers find the larger design most suitable when treating today\’s athletes.

Tank Capacity
is 90 gallons.

Whirlpool Tank is 46”L x 24”W x 25”D and is seamless welded construction, fabricated from heavy gauge, type 304 stainless steel, polished to a satin finish. Tank rim is reinforced with a concealed stainless steel rod. Tank is fitted with an auxiliary drain valve. Tank bottom is a seamless, rounded covered design to minimize bacteria buildup. Whirlpool is fitted with adjustable stainless steel legs and gravity drain valve.

Turbine Raising and Lowering Device
permits adjustment of desired height and direction of water agitation towards the area of the body to be treated. It is spring balanced and provided with a locking device.

Turbine Assembly
functions both as agitator and emptying device. It is equipped with Underwriters Laboratory and Canadian Standards Association listed 1/2 HP jet pump motor protected with an ABS plastic shell, and automatic thermal overload protector, and lifetime-sealed bearings. All parts contacting the water are stainless steel, chrome plated brass or bronze.

Thermometer is provided with a dual scale, adjustable calibration, and a stem inserts into a retainer to prevent rattle during whirlpool agitation.

Additional information

Weight 210 lbs
Dimensions 45.540 × 22.680 × 25 in