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Tuttnauer EZ10 Autoclave

Tuttnauer EZ10 Autoclave


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  • 120 volt
  • Sterilization cycle and separate drying cycle feature automatic shut off 
  • Chamber made of stainless steel type 316L insures longer chamber life and easy cleaning 
  • Stainless steel door with double safety locking device prevents door from opening while chamber is pressurized 
  • Continuous pressure purge prevents air pockets from forming in the chamber, insuring complete sterilization 
  • Overheat cutoff prevents burnout of heating elements in case of insufficient water in the chamber 
  • Drain valve located on front panel allows for quick and easy draining of water reservoir 

EA/EKA/ EZ10 Series:
The EA , EKA and EZ10 fully automatic sterilizer offers the user the ability to decrease the overall drying time of sterilized items by as much as 60% (unwrapped cycle) as compared to steam gravity sterilizers with conventional drying capacity.

Same features as Above electronic autoclaves plus:

  • High efficiency air pump 
  • Decreased overall drying time 
  • Closed door drying preserves material sterility 
  • 0.2 um air filter, (replaceable) 
  • Chamber air exchange rate of minimum of 12 liters per minute assuring efficient drying 
  • Automatic shut off of air pump 
  • Fully programmable drying time
  • Dimensions DxWxH: 21.5″x20″x14.4″

Additional information

Weight 139.500 lbs
Dimensions 14.850 × 28.350 × 21 in